Settlement Services

Information and Orientation

What We Do

Our Settlement program offers services to newcomers/immigrants that help them settle and adapt to life in Canada. Workshops and Information sessions are presented on topics such as obtaining SIN numbers, Citizenship preparation classes, sponsorship information sessions, and applying for health cards and drivers licenses. We also offer information sessions on community resources such as tenancy rights, banking, navigating the health systems, counselling, mental health services and much more.

Our Services

More Information

Services Include

  • Application/renewal of important documents
  • Preparation for the Canadian Citizenship Test
  • Preparation for the G1 Drivers Test
  • Computer Awareness (Seniors)
  • Referrals to relevant services


  • Permanent Resident
  • Convention Refugees

Childminding services provided for workshop attendees

  • Children 6 months – 6 years old
  • Heathy and nutritious snacks provided