Seniors Services

Empowering Seniors

What We Do

If you are age 55 or over, join us for our Seniors programs.

The Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women offers two Seniors programs to serve the Windsor-Essex community. Our programs offer a cultural, educational and recreational opportunity for seniors to interact in a social setting, as well as be educated and informed on issues that affect them. The goal of the programs is to empower seniors by keeping them informed, educated, aware and engaged.

The Empowering Seniors program consists of computer classes, monthly outings, educational workshops, arts and crafts sessions and presentations on relevant topics from community partners.

The Bridging the Digital Divide Seniors program, is an intergenerational program that provides computer training program and elder abuse awareness education.

Main Objectives

  • To help seniors develop and enhance computer skills
  • To foster intergenerational relationships and understanding
  • To increase opportunities for socialization
  • Workshops and Information sessions on Elder abuse awareness, education, and prevention