-Newcomer Art Project-

Mission for NAP

To be Windsor Ontario’s premier youth settlement providing centre assisting newcomer girls to become empowered and productive members of their community.

Vision of NAP

The NAP vision is to be the immigrant youth girls program of choice when seeking help in dealing with issues particular to their needs, provide excellent service and support and within the next two years provide valuable research information for our community and like communities to help with the further prosperity of immigrant youth girls.

About the Newcomers Art Project (NAP):

NAP is a brand new after school program for newcomer young girls 15-24. It’s an exciting, cutting edge project empowering young immigrant women through artistic expression, while fostering civic participation in your new community.

The program assists in facilitating all that you need to know about your new community (i.e. where and how to find certain information, how to locate things in your community, how to get involved in your new city, and much, much more).

Although there are many highlights to the program, the number one is, girls engaged in the project do a different art expression each day and work towards a common goal. Girls (either in high school or in language programs) are encouraged to bring homework where tutors speaking English and French are eager to help. The program is unique because NAP has only one priority — YOU, a bright and beautiful newcomer girl with lots of questions, needing support to help you flourish and succeed in your new community.

NAP (Newcomer Art Project) is a brand new after school, art mixture for newcomer young women 15-24. It’s an exciting, cutting edge project that promotes literacy, self-esteem, and confidence, while fostering community involvement and appreciation. It’s a project that promises to help newcomer youth navigate their community and build a strong a confident sense of self-worth. The program uses various artistic expressions such as drama, dance, visual arts, creative writing, music therapy and homework support to help with self development.


The many great benefits of NAP:

Hang out in an ultra cool spaceIMG_2265
Become a critical thinker (girl power!)
Become an actor
Learn to lead and become a team player
Meet great and smart newcomer girls (like yourself) from all over the world
Make long-lasting friendships
Build important transferable skills to develop your job resume
Get to know and help develop your community
Do interesting and cool things in your city
Become a courageous speaker
Become a better dancer
Get help with the ever dreaded homework!!!!!
Become confident through creative expression
Earn your high school volunteer credits
Meet interesting people that live in your city
Perform, paint, dance and sing your way to glory

Eligibility Requirements:

Girls between the ages of 15 and 24
Landed Immigrant or Convention Refugee (government sponsored refugee)
Time, Passion and Commitment

Community ConnectionDSC_0439

Settlement and integration into Canadian life can be complex and overwhelming, resulting in a variety of emotions and challenges related to coping with both past events and current life. Mainstream mental health support can offer some care in this arena,but we are uniquely poised inside the settlement sector to offer mental health care tailored to the newcomer experience. Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women has been offering mental health support for immigrants and refugees since April 2013. We have been able to offer individual support, group workshops and community education though partnership across Windsor-Essex county.


Individual/Couple Support

Newcomers to Canada juggle many issues, including for many the hurdles of leaving loved ones behind in home countries, settling into Canada, parenting in new contexts, dealing with past (and current) trauma and a myriad of other potentially overwhelming factors that affect mental health. Through individual and couples support, W5 offers on on one support over sessions to both bolster and encourage participation in settlement and other community activities and to help client work towards goals of stronger sense of self and personal stability.Sessions take place at any place of a clients choosing, outside of private residences. Thus far, services have been provided in a variety of Settlement agencies in Windsor-Essex including the Multicultural Council, WEST, YMCA and of course W5. We are also able to offer services for one day a week out in Essex county though partnership with Leamington Hospital. Sessions have also been held at the Rose City Islamic Center, local churches, health units, hospitals and by phone as needed. Services are offered in a variety of languages, with translation available as needed.Referrals come from partnerships across the county, across mainstream and settlement agencies. Clients range in age from school age to seniors and sessions are guided based on client wishes. Some set goals of increased self esteem and self image, while others are struggling with loss of migration, past traumatic experiences or even current cross- cultural relations with neighbours, employers and new friends etc.


Information On Mental Health

W5 is proud to have offered two workshops- one on newcomer men and stress (for men only) and one discussing the nuances of mental health for new Canadians to hundreds of participants since our program has begun. These workshops introduce concepts through easy to understand language, explaining common feelings and emotions associated with settlement and offering an opportunity for newcomers to see how normal their wide range of reactions to new Canadian life can be. Both sessions have bee delivered in a variety of settings, with audiences as small as 10, and as large as 200. They have especially well received by those new to the idea of mental health support as they provide a chance to dispel stigma, educate about symptoms and discussion options for recovery and coping. For some, the idea of mental health recovery seems out of reach, and coping a luxury. During these presentations we discuss the idea of ‘crazy’ and other community based barriers based on the stigma of mental health by debunking common myths about those who access mental health support.

Partnerships and Outreach

Through the mental health support program, Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women has strengthened our already vibrant community presence through increased liaison with city and county projects including those related to human trafficking, child abuse, newcomer health, heath care access, end of life care, sexually exploited youth, migrant worker services, increased refugee rights, police relations to newcomers, probation and parole, border services, arts and social justice, newcomer hospital care access, and university affairs. Each of these partnerships is unique, allowing dialogue where W5 has offered education and consultation regarding newcomer mental health, and agencies have made referrals and sought advice from us.

The ISAP Youth program is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

See our FALL schedule below

Youth ScheduleFunded in part by: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


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