-Mental Health Crisis Counseling-

Support is available for newcomers experiencing crisis related to settlement. This can include, but is not limited to:

Feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus103869-1-eng-GB_532285.mental-health
Feeling unable to sleep or perform daily tasks
Feeling isolated and unable to articulate thoughts
Worry, anxiety and preoccupation with past or future events
Feeling intense highs and lows with no middle
Inability to make decisions-feeling ‘stuck’ or frozen
Feeling others are focusing all their attention to you
Feeling unhappy, or dissatisfied with life
Feeling unable to ‘adjust’ to life in Canada


Support is available for front line staff and community agencies in areas of:

Customized group training on themes of migration and mental health

The role of integration on interaction with mainstream services and serving diverse clientele.

Consultations for front line staff with interest in better understand the role of culture, migration and integration on client services on an as needed basis



Services are available by appointment or drop in Mondays– Thursdays. Evening hours and additional locations of service are also available.
Sessions with the crisis counselor may be for you, your family or friends as needed. Translation may be available upon request.

Referrals can be made to Naomi Levitz, MSW RSW Crisis Counselor, Community Connections
Phone: 519 973 5588 ext. 302

The Mental Health Program is funded by IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship  Canada