Care for Newcomer Children

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Care for Newcomer Children

What We Do

WWWWIW Early Childhood Educators work in a multicultural-based program, with a variety of play-based activities that support diversity, promote inclusion and holistic development of children. We collaborate with parents by providing opportunities for their active involvement in their children’s development and in the Centre’s program planning.

Program Offers:

What We Do

Inclusive play-based learning

Developmentally appropriate activities

Creative, Gross motor and Cognitive learning experiences

Circle (story) time

supports language development and socialization skills that is essential now and in the future (school setting)

Home based language support

Encourages the use of home language among children

Problem solving skills

that foster independence and build a foundation for lifelong learning

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks Provided

Follows the Canadian Food Guide in planning nutritious snacks