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Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women (WWWWIW) is a non-profit organization formed in 1982 by a group of women in the city of Windsor. These women realized that new Canadians have needs that are not catered to by the existing service centre in Windsor. They brought this fact to the attention of the Government of Canada and through a grant application that presented the results of a 1981 feasibility study. This feasibility study was conducted with the objective of determining the needs of new Canadians in Windsor.

In 1982, another grant was obtained for the purpose of holding a conference to discuss the immigrant needs and follow-up on the results generated by the feasibility study. This 1982 conference had participants from all over Canada. Out of the conference came the recommendation that there was a need for an information centre to deal with the problems encountered by immigrant people, foreign students and foreign workers in Canada.

In July 1983, an Immigrant Women’s Information Centre was opened, with funding from a CCDP grant of the Canada Employment Centre. Over the years, the Centre has continued to extend its outreach and programs.


To assist immigrant and refugee women and their families to become full and participating members of Canadian Society.


An inclusive Windsor where newcomer women and their families are empowered through meaningful opportunity to express themselves and create positive impact in their communities.


To provide welcoming and supportive space for newcomers and first generation Canadians.
To support the settlement and advancement of newcomers and first generation Canadians.
To identify and eliminate systemic barriers faced by immigrants and refugees.
To provide culturally sensitive settlement services focusing on the needs of newcomers and first generation Canadians.


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